One Sentence Pitch

Just another dating app — except completely different and backed by outrageous guarantees including a great date in 30 days (for free) and the end of liars, players, cheaters, bots, and all senders of dickpics.

In a Nutshell

Everyone wants love. Yet 100 million Americans are still looking.

Dating apps mostly suck. Only 7% of singles make a meaningful connection that way each year.

The other 93%? They have no interest in wading through the muck to find happiness. They’re holding out for something better.

Launch is for them. We let friends play along (single or not). This allows for human matchmaking, trust scores, and user accountability.

This is the future of online dating: more thoughtfulness, less awfulness, and far, far better outcomes.

What We're Doing

Right Now

Our product has been shaped by hundreds of stories from daters and their friends.

Now we’re taking our designs to a larger audience for their input.

We think people want something new (and actually good).

So we’re going to ask a bunch of them on Kickstarter to give us $1.

If they love it, we’ll finish the app. If they hate it, we’re moving to Canada.

Our Mission

Reimagine Dating with an App that Works for Everyone


Why do we care?

Good relationships are the best predictor of human health and happiness (which we want for our friends).

Most of us struggle to create new relationships once we become adults. But there are sensible, scientific ways to make it easier.

We’re just connecting the dots (and throwing out the old, terrible template).

We have two driving values

We think dating could do without lying, shallowness, sexism, and infidelity.

We think companies should be really good at listening and giving back.

App Sneak Peak


Let’s start with how people talk about the existing options
(we asked a lot of people).

Our favorite:

“This isn’t the game I want to play. But I feel like it’s the only game so I should try to make it work for me.”

This was from a young, attractive, whip-smart PhD student. This shouldn't be hard for her.


“Dating as a millennial sometimes feels like a competition to see who can care the least.”

That one came from a 28 year old. Friendly, bright, beautiful — but disillusioned. And not alone in that.


When we showed people what we’ve been working on?

“This is how real life works. Singles don't live in a bubble and OFTEN rely on close family and friends to give them input about their dating prospects. That's just part of our healthy social make-up. You've got a good thing here. I hope it catches on!!”

What she said.

Important Details

Press Contact: [email protected]
Founding Date: July 21, 2016


Chadwick Meyer (Tech, Operations) [email protected]
Daniela Meyer (Design) [email protected]
Jeremy Arnold (Press, Community) [email protected]

Daniela and Chadwick have been married for 14 years. They’ve co-founded three lively children as well as several successful businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chad manages technical development and Daniela makes everything look beautiful.

Jeremy, our resident Canadian, helps by listening to people's stories. He also adds marketing and analysis input, along with considerable sarcastic commentary.

Reference projects include:


Began as a design firm making websites for small businesses. Our in-house solutions became so popular that we built a new-generation CMS called Sitetheory (think a more powerful Squarespace). Development is just wrapping up. Much of the underlying technology is being applied to Launch.

Park Circa

Airbnb for parking spaces. Founded 2011. Received $1m+ offer for an early share. Turned into open-source for community use. Covered by Fast Company and San Francisco Chronicle.


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For general questions or press inquiries contact [email protected].
To discuss investing, [email protected]